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System Admin

WNTT1250AM.COM is “administered” by Tazewell Digital Media.

I provide internet web “maintenance,” “administration” and “hosting” services.

Maintenance plans starting at $10 a month. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This page is where I test new formats, widgets, gadgets, etc.

You are welcome to visit and “click” on anything on this page, but

realize that I have not “certified” the sites as safe or “user-friendly."


House Call from Trendmicro is an exception; I've used it for years!


Thanks to "Bob" and others who have already submitted suggestions.

We want our site to be as easy to navigate as is possible; with limited

commercials, fast loading pages and "links" that have been proven.

VISION: a place where you can teach your child, parents, or the elderly

how to "surf" the internet: using a computer, cell-phone, or

any other digital capable device.


I use MS Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista and 7; along with (browsers)

MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera to ensure

compatibility issues across each of these platforms are minimal.

WNTT1250AM.COM System Administrator


Free Anti-virus scans: A lot of companies offer "FREE" virus scans, but after installing and checking, they want you to pay to fix any problems.  Additionally, many "so called" anti-virus programs are actually viruses themselves.  I use "House Call" from Trendmicro once a week.  It checks and fixes problems for FREE!  You have to "do-it-yourself," but it will save you $40 a year.  Click on the icon below to visit the site.

Grainger County Tomato Festival Organizers have paid us $50 the past two years to

build and display an ad like the one below for one month on this site.  You can do the

same by contacting Aileen (423) 626-4203.


I might add this on to a Business Page?


These take too long to load!



This one doesn't give enough basic information for me?


This ticker is available on our "News" webpage.